Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Seeds - How to use them

The seeds you can get randomly during extracts.

They are one of the most important part of the game, because they will produce the necessary ingredients for potions.

When extracting in a cluster, you have a chance to get random seeds that are stored in your game account.

To check the seeds you already have you need to use your HUD, that has a button to list the seeds.

To get ingredients from a seed you need to plant it in a special Seed Plot.

You can get one for free to start in the Store at game's HQ.

Each plant has a requirement in water and fertilizer, 1 unit of each, and a time to grow.

In the Seeds Database page you can see the requirements for each seed.

To plant a seed you need to touch the plot Plot, choose what ingredient you want, and then one of the available seeds.

You can also choose the seed you want to plant by it's ID.

If a seed don't appear is because you don't have it and a message shows in local chat.

When the seed is planted, the plot will show a small plant.

While it grows, this plant will increase in size.

When the seed is 100% grown, you just need to touch the plot again and click Harvest to collect the ingredients. All the seeds grow into 3 ingredients.

Ingredients are also stored in you game account and you need the HUD to check them.

You need ingredients to produce potions with the Ingredient Mixer or Table.

Check the page How to make potions for more information.

Seeds and Ingredients you have can be listed in the HUD. Check the Player Guide for more information on how to use the HUD.