Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game


Fertilizer is in fact a potion used when you plant a seed. It is listed in the Potions list in the HUD.

All new players receive 5 free fertilizers when they create an account in the game.

Fertilizer can be produced in two ways:

- As potion in a mixer: there is a recipe to produce fertilizer using only two ingredients. Check the potions recipes page for more information. You need a Mixer to produce fertilizer.

- From fish: fertilizer can also be made from fish in an Organic Material Processor (OMP). It will require 5 fish and will take 12 hours to produce the fertilizer. Fish is obtained in buoys (they don't occur in clusters). There is no free OMP available.

Fertilizer is also sold in the HQ.


Note for users from versions before the 4.0: if you had plant food (earned during extracts) in your account, it was converted to Fertilizer in the rate 50:1.


Tip: If you are starting int the game and have only the 5 free fertilizers, start planting the seeds you need to produce more fertilizer. When you have a good supply of fertilizer, you can start planting other seeds as well.