Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

How to make potions

To make potions you need ingredients from seeds and a Mixer.

The game has 4 types of potions: experience points, extract time reduction, auto extract, and fertilizer. Each type has one or more potions.

Each potion has a requirement of ingredients, that is usually from 3 to 6 ingredients, depending of the recipe used. The potion also has a time to be produced. You can check all this information in the Recipes page

Creating potions in Alienum requires a little brain work. Follow the steps bellow to create a potion:


For this example, we will create a simple potion, the first in the list (+1XP 5 drops). The ingredients required for this recipe are: Ceres Bean, Kepler Bean, and While Leaf.

The ingredients need to be added to the mixer in the order they appear in the recipe. Let's do it.

1 - Touch the mixer to open the menu. Note the text 'No recipe loaded' that means mixers isn't creating a potion and also don't have a recipe to start.

2 - Click on 'Add Ingredient' to open the list of the ingredients the game has. Important: this list will show all ingredients, no matter if you have them or not.

3 - Select the first ingredient for this potion, that is Ceres Bean. The menu now shows the ingredients in its position (1) and some new options. We will see these options soon.

4 - Add the second ingredient the same way: Kepler Bean. And then the third one: White Leaf.

5 - The menu now shows all the ingredients in their required order for the potion. To start a potion, you just need to hit 'Start'.

6 - When hitting 'Start', the mixer will check if you entered the right recipe (the right ingredients in the right order) and if you have all the ingredients. If everything is OK, the mixer will start to brew the potion with a message like "Started production of potion +1 experience points 5 drops. Remaining time: 8 hours". The mixer will also change colors and text.



What happens if I enter the wrong ingredients and/or wrong order?

You will NOT lost ingredients. Instead, the mixer will say you did a mess and need to clean it, and will be locked for 3 minutes.


If I make a mistake, can I fix it before hitting 'Start'?

Yes, use the 'Clear All' button to remove all ingredients and start again.


What are the other options in the mixer menu?

The options that appear depends on what the mixer is doing. These options are:

Status Text: will show another menu with options to control the information you want in the floating text, and if this text will appear.

Get Potion: appears when a potion is ready. This option will send the potion to your account and clean the mixer.

Add Ingredient: as shown in the brief tutorial above, will open the ingredients menu.

Add by ID: this allows you to add an ingredient using its ID, instead of openning the ingredients menu. The ID can be found in the ingredients listing in your HUD (is the number before the ingredient name).

Clear All: will reset the recipe, removing the ingredients you added.

Start: when you think the recipe is ok, hit this button to start brewing the potion.

Cancel Potion: wll cancel the actual potion and clean the mixer. In this case, you will lost the potion and the ingredients.


Note: When mixer is occupied brewing a potion, it will show the potion name and remaining time in the menu too.


Using multiple mixers objects

Some mixers models, like the "Table" are in fact 3 mixers working together. You need to work with each of the mixer in these models separately.

When you select a mixer, the menu will always show 'Mixer selected: [number]', even if you are using a single mixer model.

The multiple mixers cannot start the same potion at same time (as the plots does with the plants.)


For more information about the Mixers models available, check the listing in the Products page.