Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Alienum Cluster - overview

Alienum is a unique and original plants fishing game in the Second LifeĀ® Virtual World. Players earn Linden Dollars ($L) as they extract seeds from the Alienum Clusters, grow alien plants, produce potions, and more!

Alienum Landowners host Alienum "Clusters" at their stores, shops, or on their land and benefit from daily traffic count, daily visitors, and also potential customers.

The clusters comes in various models. They have 10%, 20%, 30%, or 60% running tax, and are Full Mesh, Partial Mesh, and Aquatic (100% mesh).

With the version 4 were introduced the Buoys. This changed a little how the clusters works:

Clusters: gives seeds to players.

Buoys: gives seeds and fish, in a rate 50/50%.


The clusters and buoys comes with the following features:

* Number of extracts/casts: you can set the amount of extracts you want players to do.

* Area of cluster: set where players need to stay while playing. Can be set to Region and Parcel, and also refined using a range in meters.

* Multiplier: set how much you want players to earn.

* Timed clusters: you can set a duration for a multiplier event. You can also set if cluster is back to 1x after the time ends, or turn it inactive.

* Full control with web interface: forget the mess with menus, you can set everything in one web-page, including adding funds and activating and deactivating the cluster. And you can do it without being logged in SL! (except for adding money, consult the cluster owner manual for more information).


The clusters and buoys also comes with an Energy Cell Vendor, Cluster panel to show cluster's information in a nice graphical way, Seed Vendor, and Energy Cell Generator.



Now with two different types, how I can know which one to choose for my land?

Just choose the model you think will fit better your land setup. Since the game is customizable at server level, we can change how clusters and buoys works without the need to update them in-world.



Note: Running tax is the value debited from the money you add in the cluster budget, and is used to cover the costs of running the game.

Important: Before buying a cluster, read the game Terms Of Service


Cluster Mesh, 6 LI

Cluster Partial Mesh, 4 LI, center piece (green leaves) is normal prim.

Aquatic, 5 LI. When used in SL water, plays a floating animation.