Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Seeds Database

Plant Rarity Time to grow Edition
Silver Springs Rare 3 days
Ash Tree Bark
Ash Tree Bark Rare 3 days
Blue Berry
Blue Berry Common 1 days
Blue Leaf
Blue Leaf Common 1 days
Ceres Beans
Ceres Bean Common 1 days
Deep Sea Algae
Deep Sea Algae Uncommon 2 days
Gold Berry
Gold Berry Rare 3 days
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf Rare 3 days
Io Nuts
Io Nuts Uncommon 2 days
Kepler Bean
Kepler Bean Uncommon 2 days
Kona Bean Common 1 days
Martian Tomato
Martian Tomato Uncommon 2 days
Mercurial Mint
Mercurial Mint Uncommon 2 days
Toadstool Common 1 days
Wahldoss Uncommon 2 days
White Leaf
White Leaf Common 1 days