Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Player Guide

Alienum works like any other fishing game available in Second Life. The difference is that Alienum is about alien plants.

To play Alienum you need the starter pack: an Extractor and a HUD. You can get both for free in the Store at game HQ, or in any affiliate vendor (need to pay L$ 1 to get it if using a vendor, but the money is paid back).

To start, wear the Extractor first, do the account Verification with the link provided in your chat, then touch extractor again. Now you can wear the HUD and start to play.

While extracting you will earn money, that will be added to your game account. To get your money, you need to have at least L$ 1 in earnings, and use an ATM (they are located only in the HQ).

During extractions you will also earn plant food and water. Can earn seeds and potions. For more information about Seeds and Potions, check the other sections of this website.


The HUD allows you to check information about your account, as well locate the clusters. The image bellow shows all the options.

Options: opens the options menu.

Locations: lists available clusters and ATMs.

Potions: lists potions in your account, as well allows you to apply a potion as a booster. 'List' will list all potions. To apply a potion, select the desired type, then one of the available potions.

Boosters: lists all boosters active. In Pro HUD (Pro and Adv extrators) you can also pause a booster.

Seeds: lists all seeds you have, grouped by ingredient they produces.

Ingredients: lists all available ingredients you have.

The HUD also shows, in real time, basic information about your account.