Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Types of Potions

The game has the following types of potions:


* Auto-Extract

With these potions you don't need to touch extractor or click 'Extract' in the HUD, you next extract will start automatically while you have the Auto-Extract boosters.


* Time Reduction

The normal time duration for an extract is 60 seconds. The time reduction potions cut this time by a certain amount.

TR potions cannot be used if you are extracting without energy cells.


* Experience

These potions add points of experience to the ones you earn after each extract.


* Energy Cell

These potions adds Energy Cells to your account.

These potions are the only ones that can't be produced in the normal way, from seeds you earn during extracts. To create an Energy Cell potion, you need to have Uranium, earned in meteorites, and Argentum, that is obtained from a seed that is sold only in Seed vendors (cannot be earned).


* Fertilizers

These potions are required to grow seeds.

To make them you can use a Mixer with 2 common ingredients, and with 5 fish in an Organic Material Processor. They can also be earned in the daily gift from the Might Alien Tree, or bought in the game's HQ.


For the fulll list of potions, check the Recipes list.