Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Clusters and Buoys

clusters and buoys are the most important items of the game. They are responsible for bringing traffic to lands, and provide players with money, seeds, fish, and any other goodie that the game has.

All clusters and buoys come with the following additional items: Energy Cell vendor (bait vendor), Information panel, Owner's Box, Seed Vendor, Energy Cell Generator.

They are also 3 different taxes (that are collected to pay the expenses of maintaining the game running): 10%, 20%, and 30%.

Check the section What the clusters are? for more information, and also the section Landowner Guide for the user manual.

All the models currently available are listed bellow. You can buy them on MarketPlace, or in any official Alienum in-world vendor.



The original mesh model, also know as "pink alien egg". Provides seeds.


Partial Mesh

This model has the same base as the mesh model, but the green plant at center is a normal prim. Provides seeds.



The aquatic model, made from a bunch of empty steel drums hold by the alien plant. Has floating animation. Provides seeds.



The new buoy model. Shows light and fish animation when active. Provides seed and fish (50/50% change rate).