Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Alienum - Frequently Asked Questions by Players

Can I play for free?

Yes, the extractor (rod) and HUD are free. You can also get Starter objects at the HQ: Seed Plot, Mixer, Water Barrel

How I get the money I earned?

With our ATMs located only at the game HQ.

You need to earn at least L$ 1 to be able to cashout and it can be done only once a day.

There is a limit to withdraw?

Yes, the limits depend on your rank, and you can withdraw only once per day.

RankMaximum value
1 - 5 L$ 1500
6 - 15L$ 1200
16 - 25L$ 900
26 - 50L$ 700
51 - 100L$ 500
101 - ...L$ 300

For what the experience is used?

For the rarity of seeds you can catch and how much money you can get in extractions. The higher your position in the rank, the rarest the seeds you will catch. Also in the earnings withdraw (see above).

What options the HUD have?

With the HUD you can watch your earnings, experience points, quantity of Energy Cells, and much more.

The HUD also has options for Extract (you don't need to touch the extractor, but still need to wear it), see the status of your account (more information than show in the HUD panel), teleport to our HQ, as well get a list of available clusters and buoys.

You can also check how many potions you have and choose one to apply as a booster. It also has a list of boosters active.

Pro HUDs, that come with the Pro and Advanced extractors, also allows you to pause boosters and apply potions in batchs (more than one at once).

What is an Alienum plant?

Alienum plants are real objects that you get after growing a seed. They can be used to decorate your land.

Note: with version 4 the plants are disabled for now.

How I grow a plant?

To grow a seed and get the final plant and ingredients for potion, you need a Seed Plot. Check the Seeds - How to use them page for more information.

I don't have land to grow a plant. What I can do?

You can rent a small space to put the plot, like a small store (you can sell your potions then if you like).

In the Alienum HQ you find space for rent for seed plots and mixer, in the called "Greenhouse" (only Aliemun objects are allowed, except clusters and potion vendors).

How many plants the game have?

Check it in the Seeds Database

Can I extract from my own cluster?


This game has farms?

This game has a different concept for farms.

  • 'Mixer', used to create potions from ingredients.
  • 'Seed Plots' that are used to grow the seeds to get ingredients.
  • 'Cell Generator', that the landowners receive for free with each cluster, and can produce packs of Energy Cells for 45% less.

What are potions?

Potions, also called boosters, are little enhancements for you while playing the game. They are from 4 types: Auto-extract, Time Reduction, Additional XP Points, and Energy Cells.

They are produced in the Mixer with the ingredients you get after growing a seed. Check the section Type of potions for more information.

Where is the game HQ?

My HUD/extractor is broken, it always starts with 600 seconds instead of 60!

No, it is NOT broken. This is normal time for extracting without Energy Cells. To reduce this time, just buy Energy Cells. You have two options:

  • Buy it at an Energy Cell vendor. They are found around all clusters.
  • Buy an Energy Cell potion (consult the Potions section for more information.

I'm having problems with the game, who I can contact?

Use the Support Ticket Portal. It is accessible through panels found around the HQ, in the HUD, or the Cluster Owner's Box.

I was banned from a land!

Each landowner has their own rules on their lands. Some doesn't allow alts. In General and Moderate areas nudity is prohibited. We, the game owners, don't deals with bans in lands. Refer to the Termos of Service.

When I verified my account, it said 'alt detected' and locked me

The game has an alt detection, since the use of alternative accounts aren't accepted in the game. You can play with only one account. It can happen too when two persons plays in the same household, in this case, send a ticket.

I was banned from the game! I want all the money I spent back!

We don't refund banned players. If you were banned, probably you gave a good reason for the game masters does it, and probably you aren't a nice person. So, no refunds for bad people.