Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Buy and Sell Potions

To sell the potions you made to other players, you need to use an official Alienum Potion Vendor.

You can buy a Potion Vendor Dispenser Crate for L$ 25 at the game's HQ. The rezzer crate allows you to get as many vendors as you need.

Each vendor can sell only one type of potion at a time.

To use the vendor is simple:

  • Rezz a vendor from the crate.
  • Accept the Debit Permissions (if something goes wrong, you need to give the money back to the buyer.)
  • Touch to bring the menu, choose 'Add Potion'. Select the type you want to sell, then the potion.
  • Answer how many you want to sell in the text box. The panel will load the image of the selected potion.
  • Touch again for menu and choose "Set Price". Type the Linden value you want for each unit. Integer values only.
  • In this stage the vendor is offline and can't sell. Touch again for menu and select 'Start'. If everything is ok, the "OFF" thext will turn green and the vendor will show the quantity and price of potion.
  • If you need to make changes, you need to 'Stop' the vendor first.
  • To change quantity or value, you need to 'Return Potions', then add them again.

The potions put for sale will be removed from your account.


The buyer just need to right-click it and choose a value to buy the quantity desired.


Important Information


- Money is added to your player account.

- A tax for every sale will be applied, being 6%. If seller is a landowner with cluster active at least 84 hours in the last 7 days, the tax is 1%.

- Players cannot sell Energy Cells potions, only landowners can do it.

- Price of the potion cannot be set less than half of the game base value. The game base value is found in the recipes list.

- Fertilizers cannot be sold.

Alienum Potion Vendor