en Alienum for SL

Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Alienum Terms of Service

Last update: October 23, 2018

This game have rules that need to be followed by players and landowners.


  • Places need to be public access, no ban lines for private access. You can maintain a ban list for those that disrespect your rules, and/or use any script that control access based on age.
  • Cluster need to be placed in a reachable place. If it is far from the land landing point, use some type of indication to where the players need to go.
  • Since Alienum is a sci-fi/fantasy themed game, your land must accept non-humans avatars.


  • Respect the rules of the lands.
  • The game owners and gamemasters will not respond if you got banned from a land due to not following the rules.
  • The game has an Alt Detection System. Alts (alternative account) aren't allowed in the game. Don't insist.
  • Players that doesn't play by the rules can be locked from playing the game. Locks can be rewieved, in some case. After 3 locks, the player is banned.
  • We DO NOT refund players that were banned.
  • Don't bother other players about deals with potions. Don't send IMs to them frequently trying to get a deal. If you get caught doing this, you will be banned.
  • Players can sell and/or trade potions and plants, and also use the Seed Exchange to buy and sell seeds.
  • Selling or transferring ALL other game products  (e.g. Seed Plot, Ingredient Mixer, Extractor, Cluster, etc.) will cause that transfered item to break and be automatically disabled on the Alienum servers. These game objects are not permitted to be resold or transfered.
    • If you were given or bought any of the above restricted Alienum game objects from another person, that item will not function and is not eligible for support, replacement, or updates. Only the original purchaser of that object from the Official Alienum Store on the SL Marketplace or from a Alienum Affiliate Vendor will receive support/service/updates.


  • The game has two groups: one that is general, and another that is for tenants of the Alienum Greenhouse.
  • Any type of advertising is prohibited in the groups.
  • Links can be posted if they are related to the game. Ex: the official game website, or any blog that talks about the game.
  • Land-bans are not to be discussed in the groups. Contact the owner of the land.
  • Our system is available to all ages allowed by Linden Lab. Please, be respectful and watch your language. You can be banned from the group and locked from the game for bad behaviour.
  • The game owners and masters aren't responsible for the behaviour of other people. Issues of this type need to be addressed with the avatars involved in private, and reported to LL if it fits.
  • Insistent misconduct in groups results in ban from the game.
  • Alleging knowledge about alt accounts in the chat will be considered as an offense and can result in lock or a ban. If you really saw alts and know their names, provide a list to game owners.
  • Alleging that a landowner is a SCAM, without solid proof, in any of Alienum groups and its Affiliates will result in Ban from the game without further notice. Talk to the landowners first and report the possible scam to Linden Labs.

About the Alt Detection

  • Due to technical limitations, and the guidelines from the General Data Protection Regulation, the automatic alt detection isn't 100% efficient.

Marketplace and Vendors Policies

  • No refunds for Alienum game products. Ask the game staff before starting to play or buying a cluster. The game don't allow Alts, so all products will not work if you got your account locked.
  • Same above applies in case of ban, we do not refund banned players.
  • Affiliate Vendors doesn't allow its owner to buy products.