Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Version 4 Changelog

* I heard the new version 4 changed the game a lot. Did I lost what I had before?

Nothing in the game were lost. Things were converted for the new format.

Here we will just list what changed with a brief introduction. Refer to the sections in the website for more information about how some things works now.

- Seeds

The seeds for now are a few in the game, and all changed their names. Your old seeds were converted to their counterparts in the new version.

Seeds now produce 3 units of the ingredient, but since potions also canged (see below), you need fewer seeds to get the ingredients you need.

Also, for a rate of conversion to the new plots, 1 slot now is the same as 4 slots in old versions.

- Ingredients

They changed names, like the seeds. Also 2 new ingredients where added: Uranium and Argentum. Argentum comes from seeds that cannot be earned during extracts, only bought in Seed Vendors.

- Potions

Potions continues to have the same name and same effects. What changed in them is the way they are made, and the types that are available now. Energy Cells potions cannot be created in mixers anymore, with the exception of one potion that requires Uranium and Argentum. The Energy Cells you already have can be used to add to your account, but not for sale.

Also, potions don't need a big quantity of ingredients as before (25 of each ingredient, for example). Now it just one unit of each ingredient. This is why seeds are less now, since each seed produces 3 ingredients.

- Water

Your water were converted into water credits, and also oxygen and hydrogen, the new ingredients to produce water.

Water cannot be earned anymore during extracts. Now you earn hydrogen. Oxygen you need to buy, but you can also earn from the Tree and during extracts. Check the Water section for more information.

- Plant Food

The old plant food is now called Fertilizer and it is now a potion. Fertilizer cannot be earned during extracts, only from the Mighty Tree daily gift. Fertilizer can be produce from ingredients in a Mixer or fish in an Organic Material Processor.

- Free Potions on Extracts

The free potions were changed to free gifts, that are: 1 oxygen, 5 energy cells, 5 15% TR, 5 +1XP. They use the sames rules for earning that were used for free potions.

- Meteorites

For now meteorites will not give L$. Instead they will give Uranium that, with Argentum, is required to make the only available Energy Cells potion (100 Energy Cells).



* How I can update all the objects I have?

Since the game objects changed, we decided to take another path for update. Instead of writing complex updaters that can break easily and turns the updating a nightmare, we created the Credits Store.

The value of the game objects from older versions (cluster, plots, mixers) you bought in the official vendors and in the official store in MP were converted into "Commissary Credits". In the HQ you will find the Commissary Credits Store with special vendors that will sell new objects with these credits (the CC$).

This way you can select new models of the objects you want, including new tools like the Water Tank and the OMP. For example, if you had a lot of Basic Plots, you can now get a bigger plot and save space.

To know how many CC$ you have, get the free Commissary Credits Card (HUD) at the HQ.

This is valid to cluster owners too.


1 - Since you receive a new extractor and HUD automatically (and can also get them in redeliver terminal or MP), the values for PRO and ADV ones weren't added to the Commissary Credits.

2 - Please be sure you aren't in busy mode when buying, or the vendor cannot give the object to you. And we will NOT replace objects lost because people were in busy mode or hit Decline. (We can lock objects in the server to make them useless in-world, so, trying to get an extra one will not work)

Note: future updates will be made in the classic update way: rez updater, run it, get objects updated.

Important: first look at the prices of the items before buying, since the update is not to get exactly ehat you have before, but to get the apropriate items. Like explained in the seeds, planting one seed now is equivalent to 4 seeds in previous version.



* And about the clusters? How I update the one I have?

You have two options in this case:

1 - Ask for just a replacement. A box with a cluster of same model you had will be sent to you (we will try to send when you are online).

2 - Go to HQ and use you Commissary Credits to get a new one. The value of your old cluster was converted to CC$, so you can use the CC Store. And, to be honest, we prefer landowners go for this option, because you will receive your cluster immediately. And you can choose a different model too.

In any case, all the money left in your clusters were added back to your wallet. So, you lost nothing.

If you opt for option 1, we will remove the CC from your account for the cluster.



* Clusters and Buoys? What is the difference?

While clusters gives only seeds (and money, of course), buoys give seeds and fish (50/50% chance).

Buoys also say name of money value as fish, while clusters continues to use the old 'energy' ones.

To know which one to use in your land, just select the model that better fits you land scenery. Since the game now is heavily customizable at server side, we can change how buoys works without the need to update them in-world.

Players will use the fish to create fertilizer in the Organic Material Processors.



* No more free Energy Cells?

Definitively, No. The economy of a traffic game can only exists with landowners selling bait to players. Giving big amounts of free bait to players kills any game.



* Free Mixers and Seed Plots are gone? No more free players?

The starter objects, know as free ones, will still exist. Players will only need to get new ones: Mixer, Seed Plot, Extractor and HUD

And now a free Water Tank too, that is a new object the game has.



* Potions vendors will be back to?

Yes, they will be released in some days. The changes for them are:

- Money is now added to your player account.

- A tax for every sale will be applied, being 6%. If seller is a landowner with cluster active at the moment of the sale, the tax is 1%.

- Players cannot sell Energy Cells potions, only landowners can do it.

- Price of the potion cannot be set less than half of the game base value. The game base value is found in the recipes list.

- Fertilizers cannot be sold.



* And the Mighty Alien Tree?

Is back too, now giving Water and Fertilizer if you cash out L$ 25, have the game HQ in your picks, and is wearing the Alienum group tag.



* Any other changes?

- ATMs now will required you wear the Alienum group tag to cashout.